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A new approach to weathering powders sold in re-sealable 20ml tubs with an anti-tip over feature. A total of 10 different colours manufactured in Spain by MIG Productions and specially made for modelling. A clean approach to weathering.

£3.85 Each.

Not suitable for children.

"Whilst every effort is made to retain colour accuracy some variation may occur. Internet colours should not be assumed to be accurate"

Weathering using MIG powders

I have been carrying out weathering demonstrations on the model railway show circuit in the south of England for four years and have been using MIG weathering powders for about two years when weathering model railway rolling stock.

The first thing that got my attention was the container, that was easy to use without making a mess and easy to transport to shows or store away when not in use.

Vietnam Earth powder was the first one that I purchased and found it to be the best rust colour available, but the main thing that struck me was how fine the MIG powders were compared to others I had used from other manufacturers.

Due to the fine grade of powder, the MIG powders are ideal for use with ‘N’ gauge models, the other types I found to be too coarse for this scale.

Above is a picture of a Union Pacific GE Dash.9 HO scale locomotive that was weathered using MIG powders. David Holloway of the Wimborne Railway Society took the picture.

The Ashes White weathering powder is ideal for coating china clay wagons when mixed with turpentine and used as paint. This method can also be used with the earth colours when putting general dirt into open wagons.

The cost of these powders does on face value appear expensive, but because of the fine grade, it does go a lot further than other products that I have used.

Black Smoke powder was mixed with a small amount of alcohol then painted over the exhaust vents of a diesel locomotive, this quickly dries and then can be dry brushed in reverse by actually taking the powder off of the high spots, leaving a realistic finish on the exhaust vents.

The under frames were weathered using a blended mix of Europe Dust, Russian Earth and Dark Mud, this was again mixed with Alcohol and painted on.

The Black Smoke is also useful for ageing walls that are alongside a steam railway line. I first painted the walls with a Desert Yellow acrylic paint, then when dry I rubbed in the Black Smoke powder with my finger to give the weathered / soot covered wall surface effect.

In certain applications, if you breath on a surface then rub on a small amount of MIG powder, the moisture in your breath is sufficient to fix the powder in place.

Check out the Wimborne Railway Society website on to see where I am demonstrating weathering techniques using paint washes and MIG weathering powders. Tom Rayer "The Weatherman".

Ashes White(Reference #PS022)

Price:  £4.00
Ashes White

Black Smoke(Reference #PS023)

Price:  £4.15
Black Smoke

Light Rust(Reference #P2024)

Currently Out of Stock 

Price:  £3.85

Light Rust

Standard Rust(Reference #PS025)

Price:  £3.85
Standard Rust

Copper Rust(Reference #PS026)

Price:  £1.00
Copper Rust

Light Dust(Reference #PS027)

Price:  £3.40
Light Dust

Europe Dust(Reference #PS028)

Price:  £3.85
Europe Dust

Brick Dust(Reference #PS029)

Price:  £3.40
Brick Dust

Beach Sand(Reference #PS030)

Price:  £3.40
Beach Sand

Vietnam Earth(Reference #PS031)

Price:  £3.85
Vietnam Earth

Dry Mud(Reference #PO232)


Price:  £3.40

Dry Mud

Dark Mud(Reference #PSO33)

Price:  £3.85
Dark Mud

Panzer Grey(Reference #PS035)

Price:  £3.85
Panzer Grey

Allied Green (Reference #PSO36)

Price:  £3.85
Allied Green

Gulf War Sand(Reference #PSO37)

Price:  £3.85
Gulf War Sand

African Earth (Reference #PSO38)

Price:  £3.85
African Earth

Industrial City Dirt(Reference #PSO39)

Price:  £3.85
Industrial City Dirt

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